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FAST Inc. Opens Culinary Arts of First Academy

March 11, 2021 /

FIRST Academy of Skills and Technology Inc. (Fast Inc.) is one of the leading technology education and skills development providers in Negros Island established in 2014. It offers Senior High School programs with built-in TESDA courses such as Housekeeping, Contact Center Services, Food and Beverages Services, and Cookery.

With its avowed purpose of providing quality technology and skills education to Negrosanons, the Board of Trustees (BOT) created The Culinary Arts of First Academy (CAFA), a flagship program officially established on October 10, 2020.

The Cafa conducted its opening ceremony on January 11, 2021. The newly established culinary school is located at First Academy RMD Bldg. Rodriguez Ave., Barangay 36, Bacolod City.

“Today is a very remarkable and memorable day as this is the start of a program that we have been working really hard for. Something that was once just a dream has finally become a reality,” said Marilyn Elise Dormido, secretary of the Board of Directors of Fast Inc.

“The feeling I felt was surreal. All the time, we spent in planning, meeting, and conceptualizing has finally bore fruit. It’s painfully beautiful — but worth all the efforts,” she added.

Cafa is accredited by the World Association of Master Chefs (WAMC) in Southeast Asia and the Institute for Culinary & Business Management (ICBM).

“This industry [Culinary Arts] is born out of hard work and the title of Chef is earned. Nowadays, the title of chef has gotten a deeper meaning. A good chef is not only one who knows how to cook, manage a team of cooks, but is also a person who knows how to handle a business well,” Chef Carlo Andre Martin E. Baroa, country president and academy director of the World Association of Master Chefs, said in a special message.

Baroa added that Cafa is one of the only two schools to be accredited by the World Association of Master Chefs in Southeast Asia and had undergone a rigorous process to make sure that it has to meet the quality teaching of international standards.

Cafa offers a 10-month training in Culinary Arts with an internship program in a chosen local and national partner. It envisions helping individuals reach their dreams and aspiration of becoming world class culinary artists. Cafa seeks to deliver first class culinary education and aims to open doors toward the international culinary scene.

“Food business is still thriving. We know that as we are slowly going back to normal there will be lots of opportunities as the hotel and restaurant industry slowly opens,” said Recelyn Dormido, president of First Academy of Skills and Technology Inc.

She added that this is a historical day for Fast Inc. as it marks the beginning of a new journey. Cafa is eager to provide a path for future chefs and culinary artists. This day is only the beginning and she is excited to see what lies ahead. Anyone can be a cook and she hopes that being a CAFAmilya will make aspiring individuals become great culinary artists. (PR)

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